99. Why We Invest

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Over the past 6 months as more and more Equity Mates have joined us on this journey, we’ve thought it may be time to do a reset episode. To explain how this podcast started and all that we’ve learnt over the past two years. Given we’re about to tick over to episode #100 – we thought this was the perfect time. 

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Bryce and Alec started Equity Mates
  • Two key things Alec has learnt over the last 99 episodes.
  • The major lesson Bryce has taken away from the last two years. 
  • How Alec and Bryce think about investing today
  • Why they look for companies with moats (long-term competitive advantages) and an ability to reinvest their profits
  • How thinking for the long-term gives you an advantage over professional investors 
  • Why Seth Klarman’s distinction between investing and speculating has been particularly helpful
  • What the boys think about the choice between picking stocks or taking the market average return

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