91. Clear Thinking On What’s Happening In Markets | Jesse Felder

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We are so excited to bring you another episode in our Expert Investor series. Our guest this week is someone who we have been following for a couple of years now, and have longed to have on the show. His name is Jesse Felder.

Jesse is an ex-Wall Street trader, starting his career at Bear Stearns (without even studying Business or Finance) – the largest investment bank on Wall Street at the time. He then went on co-found a multi-billion dollar hedge fund, before moving into financial media, and running ‘The Felder Report’.

Jesse’s views resonate with us, and if you’ve listened to our episode ‘The Buy-And-Hold Cult’ then you will have heard Jesse speak before.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Jesse’s number one thing that beginners should understand better about markets
  • What Jesse’s first investment was, and what lead him to that decision
  • The worst piece of advice he’s ever received
  • Why all investors should be wary of recency bias
  • Jesse’s current approach to investing, given equity valuations are at historic highs
  • Why Equity Mates might be wrong about the logic of index investing
  • Why Gold still has potential, and why it should be part of every investor’s portfolio

Stocks and resources discussed:


  1. Excellent guest choice, and interview! I’ve been a Felder fan since discovering his work several (3-4?) years ago; last year took the plunge & became a (happy!) Felder Report subscriber. Even being a subscriber now, & a follower for longer, i learned (or was reminded of) several important things in this podcast. A chief one being the S&P weighting having been CHANGED some years back to “float-adjusted” mkt cap weighting – and more importantly for us “little guys”, the key disadvantage that this change underweights the highly desirable ‘owner-operator’ companies.

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