89. Ask Us Anything – November 2018

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End of the month can only mean one thing – Equity Mates ask us anything. Once again we’ve collected some of our favourite questions from our website, social media and email and will answer them together on the show.

In this episode we answers questions on:

  • Individual stock picking or ETFs
  • Cyber Monday
  • The actual mechanics of how shares are bought once you select ‘buy’
  • Differences between major indexes
  • The key things to keep in mind when thinking about superannuation
  • Why Woodside (ASX: WPL) has seen price declines despite stronger gas prices

As always you can ask questions for us to answer next month. Just hit us up on social media or go to the ask us anything section of our website.


  1. Hi Guys,

    Love the podcast, just picked up something in the last pod that may not be entirely correct.

    In regards to when shares become under your possession, it is more to do with settlement then order matching. Settlement occurs on the ASX at 11:30 on T+2 (was changed from T+3 in 2016). At this point CHESS (Clearing House Electronic Sub-register System) goes down (meaning scrip messages can no longer be submitted for settlement) and shares are exchanged for money irrevocably.

    This is also how day trading is facilitated, because regardless of when the trades are executed on the trade date (t), they settle at the same time on t+2 and the proceeds are netted (assuming they are traded on the same account.)

    Hope that makes sense. Would prefer my name is left out.


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