88. What’s Happening in Markets & How We Are Investing

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Since we began this podcast in January 2017, global markets have been on an incredible run. 2017 was an uninterrupted climb higher and higher, and aside from one hiccup in February, the first half of 2018 looked much the same. Word on the street was that our podcast was a good luck charm: as long as Bryce was talking, markets would keep rising. Alas, it appears this is not the case. Recently markets have started to fall pretty hard. Most of the time we try and avoid talking about the day-to-day movements of the market (because we’re trying to think long-term). However, as this drop continues into a downturn across the world, we figured we were well overdue to discuss it.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What has happened to the major market indices in Australia, USA, China, London and Germany.
  • How some of the biggest name companies including Facebook, Amazon, Alphabet (Google) and GE, have performed recently.
  • How other assets have performed – cryptocurrency, gold, oil, credit and property
  • The role the end of Quantitative Easing has played in this market downturn
  • Some of the different recommendations you can find online on how to invest in a market downturn… and what Bryce and Alec think of them
  • How Bryce and Alec are positioning their personal investments

Stocks and Resources Discussed:

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