87. Understanding Peer-To-Peer Lending | Daniel Foggo, RateSetter

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Knowing what to do with your cash while you’re perhaps saving to invest it in stocks or compiling it to buy the next dip, is sometimes hard. You might also have an emergency fund, or you’re saving for a house. In such a low-interest rate environment, putting your cash in the bank doesn’t really give you the greatest of returns.

This episode we explore an alternative to putting your cash into the bank. We look at peer-to-peer lending, with CEO of RateSetter Australia, Daniel Foggo. Peer-to-peer lending is lagging in popularity compared with Europe and the US, but people are starting to catch on. Peer-to-peer lending is simply that – you lend you money to someone who wants to borrow some money, and they agree to pay it back, with interest over a period of time. This process is managed by RateSetter. If we focus on the investor, the advantage is that you can put your cash to work, over 1 month, 3 or 5 year periods, at rates up to 9+% (at time of writing). There is criticism around the concept of peer-to-peer lending and the industry, and it is certainly not without any risk, but is an alternative to the banks.

In this episode you will learn:

  • what peer-to-peer lending is
  • the mechanisms of RateSetter and why they can provide rates better than the banks
  • what drove Dan to start RateSetter and some of the challenges faced setting up the business
  • the major advantages of peer-to-peer lending
  • the major risks of peer-to-peer lending

Stocks and resources discussed:

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