86. Christmas is coming… and so are two massive IPO’s!

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Cricket is back on the TV (well sort of, we hear its on Foxtel) and Coles and Woolies have brought out their Christmas lines. That means Christmas is right around the corner. Over summer we’ll be taking a break from our normal Equity Mates schedule and instead will be presenting our ‘Summer Series’. In each episode we’ll be doing a deep dive into one randomly selected company. Listen to this episode to find out what companies we’ll be looking at (and how we struggled to select them).


However, Christmas isn’t the only exciting milestone just around the corner. 2019 promises two massive Initial Public Offerings – Uber and Lyft. The ride-sharing rivals will be going head-to-head in a completely different arena – the public markets. In this episode we break down what’s happening, what the companies are being valued at, and most importantly – which would we rather invest in.

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