81. ASX Game and an Afterpay update

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We’re now getting towards the pointy-end of the ASX Sharemarket game, so it’s time we check-in to see how our portfolios are going. After a couple of rough weeks on the markets, and with a number of stocks that we have exposure too, heavily punished, things aren’t looking great for us to be in profit.

We also spend some time talking about Afterpay, just like everyone else. We started looking at Afterpay over 12 months ago, and have watched it run crazy. However over the last couple of months haven’t been so great for it, so we look at why, and what it means going forward.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Who is winning the ASX competition between Bryce and Alec, and who is in profit, and who is making a loss
  • Which stocks have been star performers in the game portfolios
  • Which stocks have been star losers in the game portfolios
  • What the major lessons have been over the last couple of months
  • Why Afterpay is looking at a bumpy few months to come
  • If Alec’s opinion on Afterpay has changed

Stocks and resources discussed:

Some housekeeping:

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