76. Ask Us Anything #1

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‘Ask Us Anything’ is a new segment we’re kicking off this week, to help you learn to invest. On the last episode of each month, we are going to answer all the questions that come in from our listeners via the ‘Ask Us Anything’ forum on our website.

We start this week with some crackers. Michael, Sasha, Brendon, Jayson and Jeremy all wrote in asking us questions ranging from the current state of the crypto market through to choosing ETFs based on the current stage of the business cycle.

In this episode you will learn (heaps!):

  • How we feel about the current state of the crypto market
  • If crypto is the future of currency
  • The phases of technology adoption
  • About the Australian Derivatives market and the Chicago Mercantile Exchange
  • How to access derivatives if you want to dabble in that type of investing
  • How ETFs pay dividends – why some do, and some don’t
  • The four stages of the business cycle and the impact each have on the stock market
  • Which sectors of the market perform the best in each stage of the business cycle
  • Where we currently are in the business cycle and what that means for investors
  • Why developing an investing thesis is important in helping you choose your next ETF

Stocks and resources discussed:

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