75. Bryce surprises Ren

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As promised in our last episode, episode 75 is titled Bryce Surprises Ren. In this episode we each have something to discuss we think will surprise the other. For Ren, it is to do with a new investing idea he’s been thinking about. For Bryce, it is a test of investing instincts. Hopefully this episode can surprise (and maybe help) a few listeners as well.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Who the boys are backing in the AFL Grand Final
  • How Alec is thinking about investing late in the business cycle
  • The difference between active management and passive investing
  • The different ways you can invest in active managers
  • A quiz to test your ‘investing instincts’
  • Some of the new investing ideas Bryce is looking at

Stocks and Resources discussed:

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