74. No GFC 2.0?

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Right back at the start of 2018 we sat down and made a few bold predictions about what we thought might happen during the year.

One of those predictions was very bold indeed. Very specific. Very pessimistic. Bryce bet that on September 15th 2018, 10 years on from the Global Financial Crisis, we would experience a drop in the US market of greater than 20%.

Fortunately (well, depending which side of the bet you were on), this wasn’t the case, and the world continued as normal.

This week we look back on the bet, and the 10 year anniversary of the GFC, as well as give an update on the progress of our portfolios in the ASX Sharemarket game.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Bryce’s prediction technically could never have happened
  • If Bryce doubled down on his prediction
  • Equity Mates’ outlook, going forward
  • Who is up and who is down in the ASX Sharemarket game
  • Which stocks have been star performers for the boys
  • And which have been their biggest losers
  • Bryce is a poet
  • Alec has a surprise lined up

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