65. Alec’s Investing Strategies Revealed | ASX Game

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As we started discussing last week, the ASX Sharemarket game has kicked-off. The rules are simple: $50,000 in play money, and 4 months to invest as best you can, competing against all other entrants across the country. The game emulates the Australian Stock Exchange in real-time each day.

Alec and Bryce have decided to compete and to record their trades and learnings as they go. Last week Bryce revealed what his initial strategies were for picking his first investments, and this episode it’s Alec’s turn to reveal how he chose his investments for the next 4 months.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What ‘bottom left to top right means’ and how it helps to pick a stock
  • Which company Alec thinks is one of the best capital allocators out there
  • Which stock both Bryce and Alec have chosen in their portfolio
  • How Alec has distributed his $50,000

Stocks and resources discussed:

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