64. Bryce’s Investing Strategies Revealed | ASX Game

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Who doesn’t like the opportunity to put their investment strategies to the test without having the fear of losing your hard earned money in the process? Well thanks to the Australian Stock Exchange, you can do just that!

Twice a year they run the ASX Sharemarket Game, where you are given $50,000 in pretend money, and you compete against all other entrants over a 3 month period. It’s awesome. Everything is as if you’re investing in real stocks – same prices, same brokerage, and the game mirrors the ASX in real time – but it’s not real money. You can’t lose. It’s a fantastic way to try before you buy!

This episode Bryce reveals some of the strategies he’ll be using over the next three months as he competes with Alec, so see who is the top Equity Mate! Alec was a slow-starter, and yet to put any trades in, whereas Bryce $30,000 deep already.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How using a Reporting Calendar can be helpful to identify investing opportunities
  • Which three stocks Bryce has chosen to kick-start his competition
  • What Ex-dividend date means
  • What the best and worst performing sectors were for FY18 and how this plays into Bryce’s strategy

Stocks and resources discussed:

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