63. Thinking Differently & The Wisdom Of Youth: 26y.o Ali Hamed

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Ali Hamed is a name you may not be familiar with yet, but we’re betting you will be. At just 26 years old, Ali is not only a co-founder of CoVenture – a firm that invests pre-seed venture capital, provides unconventional debt financing and manages a cryptocurrency index fund – but is also one of the clearest thinkers we’ve come across in our time at Equity Mates. We heard a couple of interviews Ali had done and were taken by the way he thought and his ability to express his insights clearly. From why the 2 hour movie is dead, to the practical utility of crypto, we think you’ll enjoy this one.


In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Ali thinks the 2 hour movie is the modern day Shakespearean sonnet.
  • Ali’s personal journey; from baseball scholarship, to sleeping on a park bench, to co-founding CoVenture.
  • One thing all company founders should remember when pitching to investors.
  • Any companies that Ali regrets passing on.
  • Why CoVenture looks for unpriced assets rather than mispriced assets.
  • The story of the creation of fiat currency (government-backed currency) and how that helps us think about cryptocurrency.
  • Why Ali is more bullish on bitcoin than the blockchain.
  • Some companies that may benefit from embracing crypto.
  • How Ali would value a digital account – like Instagram, AirBnB etc.
  • Why you should only consume media you pay for.
  • What keeps Ali up at night


Stocks and Resources discussed:


  1. Gents, love what your trying to do – but some critical feedback to help on future podcasts with special guests. If you liked Ali’s chat with Patrick O’shaughnessy then just do a review and provide a link – don’t waste his time and your listener’s by asking the exact same questions. The majority of the podcast was asking him to recant the views and stories he had recanted on ITLB. Alternatively, spend some more time in your preperation and ask some different questions so we can gain some further knowledge / insight from what is clearly an awesome guest.

    Happy hunting.

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