61. From Acorns Raiz Grows – George Lucas

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Since our first interview with George Lucas a lot has changed. When we last interviewed him, he was the head of Acorns Australia. Now, less than 6 months later, he is the CEO of the publicly traded Raiz. We’ve been getting a lot of listener questions about the rebrand of Acorns Australia and what it means, so we thought who better to answer those questions than George Lucas himself.

In this episode we get the back story and inside details of Acorns Australia’s decision to rebrand as Raiz and to list on the ASX. This is also an exciting first for us, our first interview with an ASX-listed CEO.

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Raiz, previously Acorns, helps you ‘save in the background of life’
  • Why Acorns Australia rebranded as Raiz.
  • How George and his team came up with the name Raiz.
  • The reasons why Raiz went public.
  • The IPO process including the investor roadshow and how George felt on opening day.
  • How the company has performed since going public.
  • Growth in the FinTech market that is making it easier for non-professionals to invest.
  • Raiz’s plans to get into Superannuation
  • The Raiz Rewards program, and how you can get companies to put money towards your investing goals

Stocks and Resources Discussed:

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