53. End-to-end investing process | Andrew Brown: Part 2

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Something we wanted to understand through this podcast is how expert investors find, evaluate and make decisions on stocks. End-to-end, what is their process?

Andrew Brown, Executive Director of East 72 Holdings and first repeat podcast guest, agreed to spend some time walking through his process for a company he recently invested in. If you want to understand how expert investors think and understand what they look for, then this episode is for you.

[If you haven’t listened to Part 1 of our interview with Andrew Brown (episode 52 here), we’d suggest checking that out first]

In this episode you will learn:

  • How Andrew identified Cabcharge as a potential investment.
  • Andrew’s research process to study the company.
  • Why Andrew drove Uber for 3 months, and what he discovered.
  • How Andrew identified and valued ‘non-core’ assets the business owned.
  • The questions Andrew took to the Cabcharge auditor at their Annual General Meeting.
  • How Andrew then looked at Cabcharge’s balance sheet and valued the business.
  • What happened with Cabcharge between our first interview and now.
  • Andrew’s approach to managing his investments and staying on top of information once he’s made a trade.

Stocks and Resources Discussed:

  • Cabcharge (ASX: CAB)

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