52. Finding insights in a sea of information | Andrew Brown: Part 1

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This episode marks a first for Equity Mates. Our first repeat guest! Who better to have back on than Andrew Brown, the Executive Director of East 72 Holdings.

Andrew is one of the most insightful investors we’ve met in our time doing Equity Mates, and is a true contrarian. Do you think the internet has made old media a bad investment? Not Andrew, who since our first interview last year has done extremely well investing in legacy media companies like News Corp, Fairfax and Channel 9.

Or do you think Uber’s rise means we should avoid investing in the taxi industry? Not Andrew, who has been investing in Cabcharge (he takes us through his logic behind the Cabcharge investment in great detail in part 2 of this interview, to be released Thursday).

So we hope you all enjoy listening to Andrew as much as we enjoyed talking to him.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Who Andrew is and how he invests at East 72 Holdings.
  • How Andrew’s stock tips from our last interview are going.
  • Andrew’s thoughts on McGrath Real Estate’s struggles.
  • Why Andrew’s old-school media picks have done so well over the last year.
  • Why Andrew isn’t backing down from his Apple short (Even after Warren Buffett has invested in the American tech giant).
  • Good ways to manage investing information.
  • The information sources Andrew doesn’t consider valuable.
  • Where you can find client letters from some of the world’s best hedge funds.
  • How Alec managed to overload his inbox trying to keep up with information.
  • How Twitter helped build the case against Blue Sky

Stocks and Resources Discussed

[We know the audio isn’t perfect in this interview (especially with the background noise between 29min – 33min). Trust us, it’s worth persevering. Every time we speak to Andrew we leave as better investors and we’re confident listening to him will have the same impact on you.]

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