37. The trade war we’ve been waiting for

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There’s a lot happening in the news at the moment so we’re using this episode to break down two of the biggest stories. Firstly, we look at Wesfarmers’ recently announced Coles demerger, and break down what it means for Australia’s second biggest supermarket. We then discuss the brewing ‘trade war’ and question whether its something we need to worry about.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Why Wesfarmers is demerging from Coles
  • What the boys think about Amazon or Wal-mart purchasing Coles
  • The history that has led up to this potential trade war
  • How Trump’s tariffs came at an opportune time for US-Canada trade negotiations
  • Why the EU are targeting Bourbon, Blue Jeans and Harley Davidsons for their tariffs
  • What Sorghum is, and why it is relevant to the trade war

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