32. Learn To Invest In 15 Minutes Or Less

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Some of the best companies in the world pivot in order to drive their next phase of growth. It’s with excitement that we have decided to pivot here at Equity Mates Investing Podcast!

Learn To Invest In 15 Minutes Or Less! We’re going to bring you shorter, more frequent episodes, so you can learn more for less. Our episodes will be more specific, and direct, based on themes and topics that you’ve asked us to dive into. Don’t worry, our interviews with the best in the business will remain the same.

We kick off our new format by looking at the reporting season that just was. We look at two stocks that were standouts to us.

In this episode you will learn:

– Why Wesfarmers’ profit was down ~84% but their share price still went up
– There is a new agriculture superpower in town, and it’s only getting bigger

Stocks and resources discussed:

– Wesfarmers (ASX:WES)
– Costa Group Holdings (ASX:CGC)
– https://www.commsec.com.au/reportingseason

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