30. Searching for Strategic Assets with Susan Oliver

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Susan Oliver has experience on both sides of markets. As an investor she sits on the global investment committee of IFM Investors (a company with over $100 billion in assets under management!) and also co-founded Scale Investors, a venture capital fund for women-led start ups. As a company director she has sat on the boards of some of Australia’s largest companies, including Transurban, Bupa and Programmed. She also sits on the board of a number of not-for-profits including, the Wheeler Centre, the Melbourne Theatre Company and the Melbourne Chamber Orchestra.

Given her accomplishments as a businesswoman and investor, it was a pleasure to sit down with Susan and unpack some of the lessons she has learnt throughout her career.

In this episode you will learn:

  • What a strategic asset is, and why Susan looks to invest in them
  • Why only 10% of venture capital funding in Australia goes to women
  • What the government needs to do to encourage Australian entrepreneurs
  • Why Susan supports quotas for Australian company boards
  • How IFM Investors factor ESG (Environmental-Social-Governance) criteria into their investing
  • The strategy that drove Transurban to become one of Australia’s largest companies


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