24. 6 Steps to Finding a Great Stock

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In the book Shopping for Shares, Tracey Edwards presents the 6 steps she uses to find companies to invest in. In this episode, we break down this 6 step checklist, define the key terms and explain what she’s looking for. While we don’t necessary agree with her whole approach, it is important to consider how different investors approach finding investable companies.

As always, we also discuss what we’ve learnt in the past week and chat about some of the companies we’re keeping an eye on.

In this episode you will learn:

  • Another reason we’re so lucky to live in Australia
  • Tracey Edwards’ 6-step stock screener
  • Some key definitions of stock market terms
  • 5 companies UBS predict will have a great 2018
  • Why Alec’s been thinking a lot about German dog food
  • An Australian software company that is trying to take on the world

Stocks and Resources Discussed:


  1. What do you think about ADA directors selling a truck load of stock before the AGM ? It’s really amazing that they only found out that they didn’t get their contract renewed until the AGM. Amazing timing

    1. Author

      It does seem a bit odd, doesn’t it Chris. It’s not a good look, and it seems the market reacted to it, or other news, at the AGM. The investors dilemma – the last ones to find out information!

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