22. Solving the Investor’s Dilemma with Michael Dee pt. 1

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Michael Dee sees markets differently to a lot of other investors. In 2008 while the global banking system was collapsing and investors panicked, Michael quit his job at the Queensland Investment Corporation to start his own fund. In the 10 years since Michael has established a unique way of timing the market by using volatility as a indicator for market events. In this two part interview with Michael we discuss his investing journey and get his thoughts on a number of different issues affecting markets today. His unique perspective was clear in this interview, and we walked away with a lot to think about.

In part 1 of this interview you will learn:

  • The meaning and importance of IPO windows
  • Why Michael reads company prospectuses back to front (A prospectus is the document a company releases before they list on the share market)
  • What Michael sees as ‘the investors dilemma’ and how he helps investors solve it
  • The effect North Korea’s missile testing will have on markets
  • Michael’s unique perspective on China
  • What all Australians should know about the Chinese economy

Stocks and Resources Discussed:


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