EM Chat: We’re Back For 2020 With Some Bold Predictions

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After a short hiatus over the summer months in Australia, we’re incredibly excited to be returning for the first time in 2020. As always, we kick off the year with our bold predictions for what’s to come – covering the markets, economies, and of course the AFL.
Some predictions include:
  • We will see a company with a $2 trillion market cap
  • AirBNB will be the biggest IPO in 2020 (measured as biggest gain from IPO price for companies over $1 billion market cap)
  • Private equity will stumble
  • Australia’s GDP growth will be less than 1.75%
  • India will be the star stock market performer – outperforming major markets US, Aus, Japan, Brazil, China, Euro
  • Residential property prices will experience +10% gains in both Sydney and Melbourne
With a beer on the line for each bet, we’re looking forward to seeing these play out during the year.
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