12. Expert Investor: Michael Glennon – The Art of Small Cap Investing

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From selling tiles to being a multi-million dollar fund manager – we bring you Michael Glennon.

We’re really excited to bring you this weeks episode – our latest interview with an expert investor. For this interview Bryce sat down with Michael Glennon, the founder of Glennon Capital. Michael has over 15 years experience as a portfolio manager and is an award-winning small cap investors.

Small cap investors focus on smaller listed companies, so you won’t find Michael investing in the biggest Australian companies that get a lot of attention in the media. Instead he spends his time researching smaller companies, searching for value in lesser known names. In this interview we find out how Michael goes about researching these smaller companies, and he shares some of the wisdom he’s built over a long and storied investing career.

Michael’s personal investing journey is a great one. We took a lot out of this interview and we’re sure investors of any level will as well. Enjoy!

In this episode you will learn:

  • The difference between small, and large cap companies
  • What strategies Michael uses to identify value in small cap stocks
  • How Michael went from his first trade to running a multi-million dollar managed fund
  • The challenges Michael faced as a young investor, and what strategies he used to overcome them
  • Plus many more tips on using experience and gut feel to invest in small cap stocks

Stocks and resources discussed:


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