109. Ask Us Anything | March & April

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Now with Australia’s Next Top Trader behind us, it’s time to go back and answer all the questions that have come in over the last 2 months. There have been so many great ones!

We’ve endeavoured to answer as many as we can, and will post answers to those that we haven’t, on the forum on our website.

In this episode you will learn:

  • our thoughts on investing for your child’s future, and what assets you could consider
  • how the holdings in an index fund work – it might surprise you!
  • why we stopped our model portfolio, and when we plan to bring it back!
  • our thoughts on SelfWealth and other online brokers
  • what shorting is, and how it is different from placing a ‘long’ investment
  • where to go to get a list of all of our essential episodes

Keep the questions coming in, we love it, and they’re so beneficial for everyone!

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