101. 8 Companies Under The Microscope | Reporting Season

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It’s that time of year again when the report cards of companies are released to eagerly-waiting investors, for them to scrutinise. We’re talking about Reporting Season.

Here in Australia, publicly listed companies are releasing their FY19 Half Year results. For those of you who are new to the markets, there is a requirement that all publicly listed companies report their earnings and performance half-way through the Financial Year, and also at the end. It’s a time of year where investors reward, or punish, companies for their performance. In the case of one of the companies we discuss in this episode, a downgrade in growth expectations by the company resulted in investors dumping the stock, sending it plummeting 50% in one day!

In the US, companies are reporting their Fourth Quarter results, as well as their Year End 2018, results. The likes of Amazon, Facebook and Alphabet have all reported. One of the companies we look at has reported revenue of $515 billion. Yes, billion!

We have chosen 2 domestic stocks, and 2 international stocks each, and highlight a few of the key takeaways from their report card.

Stocks discussed:


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