• Why Are Builders Going Bust into the Boom?

    The construction industry is booming, so why are builders going bust? June quarter GDP got a lift out of a bunch of vaccines nobody wanted. Are emerging market really 'stuffed'? And why is Spain paying people not to work.

    8 September

  • The good, the bad and the huge dividends | Reporting Season | Everything you need to know

    Episode #95 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV

    11 Aug, 2021

  • Seven Group Holdings (ASX: SVW) attempted takeover of Boral (ASX: BLD) | Everything you need to know

    Episode #92 of Equity Mates on AusBiz TV

    28 Jul, 2021

  • Two massive Australian mergers | Roblox & Tencent updates

    We’re seeing some big mergers in the listed investment company space, so Alec and Bryce unpack what is happening and what it means for shareholders. First, Washington H. Soul Pattinson have made a $4b takeover bid of Milton Corporation and then you might have heard our previous guest, Geoff Wilson, declare WAR on LIC discounts. His Wilson Asset Management Global fund has declared its first target: Templeton Global Growth Fund.

    11 July

  • Everything you need to know about the Australia-UK trade deal | Winners & Losers.

    28 Jun, 2021

  • Is the tech sell-off over? Is it time to own these long-term growth winners?

    23 Jun, 2021

  • The Awkward Secret Hiding in the Jobs Data

    The jobs data looks amaaaazing, but is it really all that? The minimum wage got topped up last week, but the boys' Dad says the impact will be bigger than we think. Ronaldo trolled Coke and won, and Thomas discovers that giving non-alcoholic beer to kids is apparently a no-no. This, and many more revelations like it, on this week's Comedian v. Economist.

    23 June

  • Woolworths (ASX: WOW) Demerger | All your questions answered | Equity Mates on AusBiz TV

    20 Jun, 2021

  • 3 must-read articles this week | Sign up to Equity Mates Thought Starters email

    18 Jun, 2021

  • How on earth did Australia hang on to its AAA? … and much more.

    Australia held on to its AAA credit rating, but the numbers seem a little fishy. Retail sales are four years ahead of schedule, but CBD movements are down everywhere but party-town Radelaide. Trump fires a broad-side at Bitcoin, and is CBA expensive or front-running the market?

    16 June

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