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You're In Good Company, a new podcast passionate about closing the financial literacy and outcomes gap between men and women.

Maddy and Sophie are the hosts of new money and investing podcast, ‘You’re In Good Company’, the fifth show from Equity Mates Media. The premise of the show stemmed from the girls’ own frustrations when they were searching for simple and informative investing resources.

16th Mar, 2021

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    Meet, Pay, Love: a new podcast taking the taboo out of talking money with your partner

    Sisters Carmel, 26 and Zoe, 24 have set out to solve this problem and provide millennials with the resources and tools they need to start having these important conversations. ‘Meet, Pay, Love’ is the latest podcast by Equity Mates Media hosted by two powerhouse women coming to your ears this month.

    5th Feb, 2021

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    Industry Deep Dive: Video Games

    12th Oct, 2020

  • Basics 101Equity Mates' Updates

    Forget 5am starts and inspirational quotes. Getting rich may be for the lazy

    13th Dec, 2019

  • Equity Mates' Updates

    7 billionaires and the Australian companies they could own

    11th Dec, 2019

  • Equity Mates' Updates

    Let’s Review Jim Cramer’s 2000 Stock Picks

    11th Apr, 2018

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