You want to start investing but you're feeling confused and overwhelmed?

Get Started Investing is just for you!

Get Started Investing is a jargon-free, 12-part series covering all the fundamentals you need to get started on your investing journey.

Myths About Investing
  • You need a lot of money to start investing
  • You need to understand economics
  • You need to know all the jargon
  • You need a degree in finance

Get Started Investing Busts The Myths Holding You Back

1. Who Are We & Why Do We Invest?
2. Saving To Invest
3. The Basics Of Investing
4. What Can You Invest In?
5. Finding A Broker
6. Just Get Started - Buying An Index
7. Pardon The Jargon - Key Terms To Understand
8. Knowledge Is Power - Finding The Right Information
9. How To Find A Good Company
10. Tips Buying And Selling
11. Building A Portfolio
12. Be Global, Be Different, Boost Returns

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