Ren makes a (not so) bold prediction & Speccy returns

HOSTS Alec Renehan & Bryce Leske|6 December, 2021

Meet your hosts

  • Alec Renehan

    Alec developed an interest in investing after realising he was spending all that he was earning. Investing became his form of 'forced saving'. While his first investment, Slater and Gordon (SGH), was a resounding failure, he learnt a lot from that experience. He hopes to share those lessons amongst others through the podcast and help people realise that if he can make money investing, anyone can.
  • Bryce Leske

    Bryce has had an interest in the stock market since his parents encouraged him to save 50c a fortnight from the age of 5. Once he had saved $500 he bought his first stock - BKI - a Listed Investment Company (LIC), and since then hasn't stopped. He hopes that Equity Mates can help make investing understandable and accessible. He loves the Essendon Football Club, and lives in Sydney.

In this week’s chat, Alec makes a very bold prediction involving Apple.Bryce and Alec go head-to-head on Woolies and Wesfarmers and the on market offer for API. The lads try to get their heads around crypto NFT property and land purchases, yep, you can now purchase land in the metaverse … Speccy Magee gives us an update on how the rocket emoji indicator has gone over the last 12 months.

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Bryce: [00:00:15] Welcome to another episode of Equity Mates, a podcast that follows our journey of investing, whether you're an absolute beginner or approaching Warren Buffett status. Our aim is to help break down your barriers from beginning to dividend. My name is Bryce, and as always, I'm joined by my equity body Ren. How are you going? 

Alec: [00:00:30] I'm very good. Bryce two Monday episodes to go before our summer series. Next week, we're going to be reviewing a bold predictions and maybe our stock of the year we've got time. Probably won't have time. Definitely will. But today we're going to wrap up the year and talk about, I guess, some of the things that we're saying as we as we enter the end of the year. But I also want to start with a bold prediction, bold prediction. 

Bryce: [00:00:54] We've got Woollies v Wesfarmers. We've got Speccy Magee who's actually in the studio with us right now. Welcome Speccy.

Speccy Magee: [00:01:00] G'day guys. Great to be here. 

Alec: [00:01:05] Oh hi, it's David in evidence. 

Bryce: [00:01:07] Stay where you are. He's obviously never used a microphone before, 

Alec: [00:01:11] and that's the last we'll hear from Speccy in this episode. 

Bryce: [00:01:14] So he's joining us to close out the year from a rocket emoji indicator point of view. And then, of course, we can't have a conversation without touching on the crazy things that are going on in the Metaverse and Web3 and decentralised decentralised bits and pieces. 

Speccy Magee: [00:01:32] We'll get there before we do. 

Alec: [00:01:35] We have announced on social media the finalists for our Equity Mates awards based on the people that you nominated and the platforms and the ETFs that you've nominated. We've got five finalists for each category. Head to our socials to cast your vote you've got until this Thursday, so hopefully you're not listening to it after Thursday, and then we'll announce the winners. Bryce apparently has organised awards ceremony. Watch this space, see how that looks, 

Bryce: [00:02:01] but exciting news as well. Ren We're giving away $12000 over summer thanks to Superhero, so if you're taking a bit of a break, we're definitely not. We're going to be doing the summer series as usual, 12 episodes over six weeks, each episode diving into a company either here in Australia or over in the US. And in some instances, we've been lucky enough to get the CEO to join us. We're giving away $1000 in the superhero wallet for each episode, so make sure you tune in to find out how you could be the lucky winner to walk away with all $20000 by the end of summer to start trading over on superheroes. So keep an ear and an eye on the podcast and on our socials, but Ren, you've got a bold prediction to kick this off. 

Alec: [00:02:46] Yeah, we normally do bold predictions at the end of the year, but I wanted to bring one to finish the year interested to get your views. I don't know how engaged spec is going to be on this, but we'll say my bold prediction is that we're going to say a big acquisition from Apple in the coming months. 

Bryce: [00:03:03] What are we told in coming months? 

Alec: [00:03:05] So I don't in the coming months. Like within the next six months? 

Bryce: [00:03:11] OK. OK. 

Alec: [00:03:13] And the reason for that is if you've been watching the US tech stocks, the apples and Microsofts powering ahead, but the majority of the other technology companies have fallen. Square PayPal pellets on Zoom, you know, all of them that are sort of not in that top seven have fallen, and Apple also has $200 billion on their balance sheet. So I feel like now's the time when their share price is high. Their potential acquisition targets, share price have fallen off. Now's the time to strike and also that cash is burning a hole in the balance sheet. They're probably not getting a lot of interest in the bank. No. So that's my bold prediction. No one to ask you a question because I have an idea in mind that reckon might be controversial, but I want to ask you first if you are Apple and you are $200 billion, 200 billion dollars on your balance sheet, you could buy Commonwealth Bank. Just not to put it in context. No, that's how much money we're talking now or just to broaden it out. If you're Berkshire Hathaway and you had $150 billion on your balance sheet, what would you be buying? What companies would you be acquiring? 

Bryce: [00:04:21] So this has been spoken about by a couple of, you know, the Scottie Galloway's of the of the world. 

Alec: [00:04:27] Well, I thought I had an original idea.

Bryce: [00:04:30] I like to face this. I think the idea that Apple have 200 billion and they're going to make an acquisition is being spoken about at the moment. There's Peloton's beans being thrown around as one 

Alec: [00:04:42] Peloton currently trading at what look like 10 billion market cap. 

Bryce: [00:04:48] Speaking, you said you do the stuff for us. 

Speccy Magee: [00:04:52] Okay, cut this out. 

Alec: [00:04:53] It's the thirteen point eight billion speaker. You've got to be quicker than me least. Yeah.

Bryce: [00:04:57] So thirteen point eight faith like. 

Alec: [00:04:59] Just to put that in context, thirteen point eight they barely makes a dent on Apple's cash balance. 

Bryce: [00:05:03] Yeah. So if I'm Apple and I've got 200, I'd be looking for multiple acquisitions. Now I look, if if it was just a YOLO, I'd go Spotify. 

Alec: [00:05:13] 43. Three. Yeah, still, it's like a fifth of the balance. 

Bryce: [00:05:17] I just just take out the competition. 

Alec: [00:05:19] I like Spotify. I was one I was thinking of as well. Yeah, you, you take out your competition, you bring a lot of users, a lot of users ecosystem. Yeah. Would it get through antitrust? 

Bryce: [00:05:31] No, I don't think so. No, but that's not the question. 

Alec: [00:05:35] That is not the question. Good point. 

Bryce: [00:05:38] Would you go meta too expensive? 

Alec: [00:05:39] That's like 800 bill. Nine hundred true.

Bryce: [00:05:41] True. You can't do that. Yeah, Zoom don't see much application there, really. 

Alec: [00:05:47] Things Zoom could be interesting.

Bryce: [00:05:48] Yeah. Um, what else? They make good hardware. So yeah, I can see them coming in and doing Peloton. But not not enough users, I don't think. Speaking what would you be vibing? 

Speccy Magee: [00:06:02] Spotify is not bad. They just I'm a big fan of the Spotify wrapped thing they did. Have you checked yours today? I saw the other night shows, you top podcasts and everything. 

Bryce: [00:06:11] Yeah, but I think we got something that Equity Mates can do. But anyway, yeah, that's that's a big yeah. 

Speccy Magee: [00:06:16] All background on Spotify. Zillow.

Alec: [00:06:19] Zillow is interesting. So here's my big one. So there's some other ones I think would be interesting. Square and they push into payments and business. Yeah, Twitter. And they push into socials. Yeah, Pinterest. They push into like the combination of socials and commerce. But here's one I reckon Netflix currently trading at 273 Bill, they clear that balance sheet and raise some money or raise some debt. Netflix, you know, even if it is 

Bryce: [00:06:49] massive, say they've got Apple TV and yeah, which is their streaming service? Yeah. So I can see that being something. Two hundred and seven.

Alec: [00:06:59] Bring on a heap of user. 270 271. Yeah. Bring on a heaps of users globally. Be the number one in video streaming. Build out their services business now. Here's the other one. Maybe you don't do Netflix. Maybe you just buy Disney.

Bryce: [00:07:13] I was just going to say Disney.

Alec: [00:07:14] Two hundred and fifty eight billion. Again, like, that's the scale of the money that's sitting in Apple's bank account at the moment, 

Speccy Magee: [00:07:23] missing fifty eight billion, though 

Alec: [00:07:25] you don't think Apple could raise 58 billion

Speccy Magee: [00:07:28] in new cash,

Alec: [00:07:31] they generate have some, although. But even if it was like, you know, a half, they sold some shares or there raised some debt for half of it and only cleared half that cash balance margin if Apple owned Disney's IP library. 

Bryce: [00:07:45] Yeah, distribution straight through the phones. It'd be pretty incredible. Yeah. And with the user base on Disney Plus, are they 100 million now? Something like that? Something like that? Yeah, pretty massive user base. So look pretty bold. I think those are the bold predictions, but it's been something that's been thrown around for ages. All this money on the balance sheet. What are they going to do? They haven't even made a noise about it. It'd be pretty epic if something of that scaled. 

Alec: [00:08:12] Yeah, yeah, it really. Tesla was 

Bryce: [00:08:14] thrown around there for a 

Alec: [00:08:15] bit now to be that way. Yeah, maybe they maybe they do something a little bit more. 

Bryce: [00:08:21] Well, goodbye, Rivian.

Speccy Magee: [00:08:22] How bill they do much revenue revenue? 

Alec: [00:08:27] Well, the thing is like Rivian and Apple are at the same place in their car making ambitions. Really, Rivian's just got a prototype, but really, that's still in the design and build and create something at scale phase. Yeah, it's fascinating. You could they could buy Twitter, Spotify and Peloton, and it would only Typekit have a rebrand to switch off the cash on their balance. Yeah. That's the scale we're talking about. The other interesting one for me is. One hundred and fifty billion. It feels like they're sort of due the next big guy. Yeah. 

Bryce: [00:08:56] But again, people have been saying that for so long. And I just, yeah, I'm surprised that they are comfortable with that much cash sitting there. But he's been selling net selling, hasn't he? Yeah. Let's see how that plays out. If it doesn't, we'll revisit that bold prediction at our Bold Predictions for 2022 episode. But speaking of mergers and acquisitions, Ren, it's heating up at the moment here in Australia, Woolworths and Wesfarmers going head to head for Australian pharmaceutical industries. 

Alec: [00:09:24] It's not just heating up here in Australia, it's heating up here in the Equity Mates studio. The Bryce and Ren rivalry is reignited. You dyed in the wool woollies man and may. A former Wesfarmers employee, it's on. 

Bryce: [00:09:39] Yes, it is on. So a bit of context. Wesfarmers put in a bid for AP Australian pharmaceuticals industry at about a dollar fifty five. 

Alec: [00:09:48] And for people who are unfamiliar with API 

Bryce: [00:09:50] massive, they own Priceline salt, salt, so happens. Yeah, yeah. And a bunch of other smaller brands, but Priceline's the crown jewel. 

Alec: [00:10:00] Yeah, there are pharmacy retail business. 

Bryce: [00:10:04] Hmm. And so Wesfarmers put a bid in at a dollar fifty five and Woolworths as of today, time of recording 2nd of December have come in over the top of that, putting in an indicative bid of a dollar 75 per share. 

Alec: [00:10:19] So it's hot. It's hot, yeah. So Wesfarmers is currently applies largest shareholder with a nineteen point three percent stake. So Woolworths is going to have to convince a lot of the non Wesfarmers shareholders to come on board with this bid. But I mean, we're in a bidding war. 

Bryce: [00:10:38] We are in a very bidding war. So yeah, it's it's interesting. Once they say, play out, I'm I'm backing Woollies. 

Alec: [00:10:44] Well, I have to back Wesfarmers. Better capital managers, better retailer's own. The two best retail businesses in Australia, in Kmart and Bunnings. Well, it's Woolworths to just sell some groceries. 

Speccy Magee: [00:10:56] A lot of questions.

Alec: [00:10:59] They spun off the third best retail business in Australia. Yes. Yeah. Yeah. For good reason to get Canadian pension funds to invest. 

Bryce: [00:11:08] Invest in them. Yeah, yeah. Let's take a break before we take a look at what's going on in crypto

Alec: [00:11:16] and Speccy's chomping at the bit. 

Bryce: [00:11:17] And close out with Speccy. So Ren, we we've been on a bit of a journey the last couple of weeks, we've spoken about Web3. We then got into the climate deal and now there's so much going on in the space of crypto, NFT property and land purchases. 

Alec: [00:11:40] Yeah, well, central. And this came across our desk using specialist terminology. We saw this and it just sort of blew our mind and it just added to the list of things we're going to try and understand over summer. So it started with NAFTA, and then it went to Web3. Then it went to dows. Now there is property rights, I guess, and like land that you can buy in the metaverse. Decentraland is just one of the places you can buy land. I think there's another one called like sandbox or sand or sandbox. Yeah, yeah,

Bryce: [00:12:17] yeah, it's a game. 

Alec: [00:12:18] Yeah, but this plot of land in Decentraland, five hundred square metres sold for two point forty three million dollars. It's crazy. 

Speccy Magee: [00:12:28] Is there a sense of how much land there actually is in this issue? Yeah. 

Alec: [00:12:33] Well, why is it such a small parcel infinite?

Bryce: [00:12:37] Yeah, yeah. Yeah. So off the back of that Ren the sandbox game, which is, you know, we've spoken about roadblocks, but the sandbox is sort of the similar vibe. You're going play, build own and then you can monetise all of that virtual experience. It's massive. There was a super yacht in there the other day that it was meant it had to have one of the premium berths within the game sold for a million bucks as well. Also on the property vibe If you have been wanting to own an apartment in the Burj Khalifa, you can now do so by buying a 3D rendered NFT of one of the apartments in the Burj Khalifa. And when it's fully built in its metaverse in Web3, you'll be able to take the boys over to your apartment in the Burj Khalifa fully replicated. 

Alec: [00:13:30] But you get you get no rights to the actual why no riots. 

Bryce: [00:13:35] You just get a fully rendered replica of the building in one of the apartments in there. So, yeah, if you want to take a spray and pray approach at the moment, I think it was point to ace, OK. 

Alec: [00:13:49] I also heard of a there was some company building an office tower in Decentraland or Sandbox or one of these metaverse platforms and then people could like rent the office space. And for me, that just seemed like my worst nightmare. Like, not only do we have an office that we go to in real life, but then when I jump jump on the metaverse, I've got a bloody commute to the office, go up the lift and work in my office so that it isn't. 

Bryce: [00:14:15] It isn't the long term play on the idea. And this, I guess for me, the scary part is that at its most extreme, you will just be living in the metaverse. They won't be like, we won't be renting a real life. We work here, it'll be Equity Mates in the Mediterranean jamming out. 

Alec: [00:14:33] It's like if we've got to work in the metaverse, let's get like an oceanfront villa to work in the Mediterranean rather than a bloody 18 storey office building. 

Bryce: [00:14:45] Yeah. And then you just it, then you just, yeah, come back to reality. And that's the scary part of things that everyone's going to be saying that what you can build and do and engage in the metaverse can be so much better than real life. 

Alec: [00:14:55] So to come back to this house, purchase all this real estate just ahead of us, you probably can't call it real estate. Medha Estate. Why not? Because, like real estate is based on it being like a real asset. Sure. Anyway, this property purchase in the metaverse, they use you. Probably. The question that I had is how do you value it? Like, how do you say it's fair value is 2.4 million. It's going to be used to host fashion shows and then like e-commerce stuff in partnership with several as yet unnamed brands. But the guy who bought it, or someone from Decentraland was speaking how fashion is the next massive growth area for the Metaverse. And so I think what we should expect to hear more of is like metaverse fashion shows. But then my question is, does that mean they're showing clothing and fashion that is applicable in the real world, just showing it in the metaverse or anything like an emergence of the metaverse fashion? 

Bryce: [00:15:57] Because isn't that what isn't that one of the big things at the moment? Well, that has been around for a while is all these games. You're actually just purchasing add ons to make your avatar look better. And it doesn't actually. Yeah.

Alec: [00:16:10] And that's what like some NFTs, others like NFTs and games like New Saw. Yeah, yeah, exactly. Yeah. So it's out of fashion. So we're going to say, well, 

Speccy Magee: [00:16:17] I think that's skeuomorphic approach to thinking like you. You're a. Budgeting real world clothes in the metaverse, these could be completely new clothing. Yeah, well, that was like. Yeah, yeah. I don't know. Well, it's annoying for you because you just went shopping in the real world. Yes. 

Bryce: [00:16:34] But here's a question when you guys go to build your avatars in the metaverse, will you make it look like you or go for something different? 

Speccy Magee: [00:16:44] Maybe a rebrand Ren 

Bryce: [00:16:47] or just like a different, like not even a person? 

Speccy Magee: [00:16:51] Yeah, that's not bad, but just something completely. Yeah, like a light pole. That's what I was thinking. I know. Right?

Alec: [00:17:06] Well, that's not bad. Yeah, I think well, now that you said light pole, I think I'm going to go a little 

Bryce: [00:17:15] crazy, crazy times. Look, we don't want to make this the crypto podcast. We do have a crypto podcast. It's called Crypto Curious that's launching incredibly well, and they're doing some amazing things over there with them in partnership with Bamboo. So if you want to go a little bit deeper on probably a bit more sensible understanding of what's going on in the crypto world, head over and check them out. 

Alec: [00:17:34] Yeah, I think you can also hear that we're winding down to the end of the year and things are getting pretty loose before we get speaking today and talk about the RSI indicator. I do just want a nod to the fact that last week the markets got spooked because of Omicron and we saw, like Peloton and Zoom, be the best performing stocks of the day. Market fell two percent over in the US. And people might be wondering why we're not talking about it. The long and the short of it is that there's not that much more to say from a stock market market perspective. There's a lot to say from a health perspective and a politics perspective, but we're not the podcast for that. From a market perspective, you can say that the market is just shrugging this off because long term, it's like it's just the world has shown how resilient it is. We got through the first try and we got through Delta, this omicron from a markets perspective and an economic perspective. We'll get through it. So like, I'm not touching my portfolio or either of, you know, 

Bryce: [00:18:33] I'm still buying. 

Alec: [00:18:34] For me, there's not a lot to be said, and that's why we're not saying a lot in terms of outside the economy, stuff does better people to listen to than us. So I just think we should nod to that because otherwise people might be wondering why we're ignoring it. 

Bryce: [00:18:48] Yeah, yeah. It's interesting time recording. Since Friday 13th of August, which was the peak of the ASX 200 for 2020 one 2021, we are down six percent, just on six percent. But yeah, I mean, I'm not touching my portfolio. Obviously, through some of the experts we've spoken to spoken to recently, they are suggesting that 2022 might be a little bit more rocky. But again, I'm not going to change change anything.

Alec: [00:19:19] Probably not. I think I think the market has just shown how resilient the economy is long term. Like we we got through the last two years, the US somehow got through it with stronger corporate profits and stronger companies than it entered, and Australia showed how resilient it was as well. And I mean, that's the point of investing like, you have to be optimistic, you have to be long term. You have to think that what you're putting your money in now is going to be bigger in the future. And I think the last two years has really confirmed that even in the worst case scenarios that thesis holds. Mm-Hmm. And I don't think this new variant changes that from a economic perspective. Mm-Hmm. 

Bryce: [00:20:01] Well, we are going to be back next week to really close out all of our bold predictions that we've made and our stocks of the year, Tencent and roadblocks. And then closing out with Andrew Brown on Thursday next week to get his view on what happens during 2021 and what might come of 2022. We've just come off that interview, and it's another absolute riposte. So plenty of, as always, plenty of insights from Andrew. We do have Andrew Pridham this Thursday, the Swans chairman. 

Alec: [00:20:32] This is an exciting one for me. Yeah. 

Bryce: [00:20:33] Swans chairman, Sydney Swans massive fan over here in Alec spoke to him about some of the major lessons that he's learnt in the new book that he's just launched after years in investment banking and and private markets. 

Alec: [00:20:48] So and we get a bit of footy chat and we get 

Bryce: [00:20:51] a bit of footage shot as well. So I look at winding down for the year. Hope you guys enjoyed the H1 conference that was just on last Friday. I do believe that it is available on demand for those ticket holders so you can catch it over the next week or so. But we can't close out the episode without checking in on Speccy Magee and how the rocket energy indicator has gone over the last 12 months from memory Ren. I don't know what you can remember. We've had pitch from Speccy.

Bryce: [00:21:22] Banana. We had the five, a guy pitched to a thesis for a

Alec: [00:21:26] psychoanalyst, 

Bryce: [00:21:28] and one of them was a bio stock, is that right? 

Alec: [00:21:32] Let's let's drop the intro music. We're not calling in this time. We've dragged him into the studio, 

Speccy Magee: [00:21:40] but still give him give me a jingle.

Bryce: [00:21:42] Yeah, well, all right. Well, let's get the jingle and then come back in. 

Speccy Magee: [00:21:48] Two hundred thousand shares Blue Star 19 and a key position in one of your equity funds. Let's blue horseshoe love blue Star Airlines. Got it! You've reached the psychic hotline. Yeah. Here it is in the studio. So Becky, how's it going? Good boys. Great to be here. Coming to the end of a fabulous year for the pod. So it is bittersweet. But you know you fall under the government of government mandated break three months. So what are you guys going to do for doing the Bryce? 

Bryce: [00:22:22] Just quickly. No recording for us over the next few weeks, we're looking forward to just resetting. It's been a massive UV Equity Mates. We've had the Rays. We've got some new people on board launched. We're now at eight shows in the network. So it's been seven shows, seven shows in the network, a few more to come. So it's been an exciting year for us. So looking forward to just taking a bit of a break.

Alec: [00:22:44] I'm just going to keep working. Unlike Bryce, I'm just a machine now. Take some time off. Get out of Sydney. Yeah, on Omicron, depending, I guess. Yeah. What about you, Becky? 

Speccy Magee: [00:22:57] Well, the Cryptomarket never sleeps, so I'll be able to keep trading across the Christmas Bryce. So that's pretty much what I'll be doing, monitoring the tips coming across my desk. But yeah, I think that's a good way to start this segment. Can you guys remember what the tips were throughout the year? From the first the first 

Alec: [00:23:19] one were, Becky really came in hot. It was a it was a spooky stock, and that's where I introduced the RSI, though. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, I can't remember its name. 

Bryce: [00:23:28] Not me either. I don't. I can't remember what it did. I only remember the spooky it was that bio tech one that the five OK, I did. 

Alec: [00:23:35] I only I only remember Banana because you have a great song. 

Speccy Magee: [00:23:38] The song, you know the the O.G. tip was eye candy. I think that's right. I speaking with you. How's it looking? But I think I tipped it off at 12 cents, and since then it really tanked and we actually sold it from this fake him. We gave up quite a bit. As of today, it's at 18 cents, so it's just this massive resurgence. Typekit So I Candace up 50 percent. You mentioned Banana Banana is up 80 percent, so that's looking pretty good. We're on a row here. I t actually I'll go sell. The next seller was one of the five. It's yeah, yeah. Sell the network as something. Yeah, yeah, something about the layer two scaling coming in, which sounds promising. So that was tipped off at two point four cents and now it's 11 cents. So that's that's really good. But then the it's room, the the use of it by a jury duty drug has tanked. It's like it's at about 25 percent of what it was. 

Bryce: [00:24:42] So overall, the spec portfolio is doing pretty well. 

Speccy Magee: [00:24:44] Pretty good overall. Yeah, no, it's pretty good. What's been the 

Bryce: [00:24:48] key takeaways from that? Then go crypto? 

Speccy Magee: [00:24:51] Yeah, I mean, to be honest, i tr rim was probably the most conservative, the largest cap tip of the lot, and it's a dog with fleas. So yeah, so yeah, over aware of. 

Alec: [00:25:06] So as we close out the year, have you got anything to leave us with any any stock tips, any words of wisdom, any insights from the year? 

Speccy Magee: [00:25:15] That was something that was interesting. That came across my desk was Squid Game Coin. Oh yeah, you guys say that? Yeah, Easter egg pool. Yeah. Was this exactly right? Yeah, it shot up all the hype around the Netflix series. People were making massive gains and then huge rug pull. The devs just took all the coins and then they go. 

Bryce: [00:25:39] So has anyone ever been busted for a rockfall? 

Speccy Magee: [00:25:42] Or you can't, because it's all anonymous. You can't track 

Bryce: [00:25:44] it's it's that anonymous. 

Speccy Magee: [00:25:46] You never know. Yeah. 

Alec: [00:25:47] So there's this article. I'm not included in thought starters all included the week after, so people listening here have time to sign up. This is vigilantes, crypto vigilantes across like rural America that police drug pulls. Okay, how does this profile on the ball? You have to read the article OK? 

Bryce: [00:26:05] Yeah, I mean, my first article, I read it filth such this. 

Alec: [00:26:09] Have you guys seen the Omicron coin? So they made an on the crown coin, and I'm pretty sure it's up to the SEC. Can you can you in fact check that aspect?

Speccy Magee: [00:26:19] Yeah, I think I remember seeing that too. Yes, with the squid game one. It went up 4000 percent, but holders just couldn't sell, no. Yeah, I think that's right. So no liquidity couldn't sell, didn't end well 

Alec: [00:26:31] with squid game. Have you guys seen that Mr. Bass did a squid game? Yes. Yeah. And it's got like one hundred twenty five million. And yeah, I need a couple of weeks. Yeah, he's a 

Bryce: [00:26:42] YouTube 

Alec: [00:26:42] go. Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Bryce: [00:26:44] Yeah. Anyway, look, it has been a really interesting year, so much going on. We've tried to cover as much of it as we can, and it's going to continue into next year with more expert interviews, with more aimed shot and more chat with our CEOs and business leaders as well. 

Alec: [00:27:01] So before you wrap, I've just found Omicron's movement. it 11x over the weekend and then it fell 75 percent overnight. 

Speccy Magee: [00:27:10] That's that's crypto. That seems to be a familiar story for regular. 

Bryce: [00:27:14] Yeah, maybe we need a regular LED indicator. So look, we'll be back, as I said next week to wrap it all up. A reminder, if you haven't signed up to the thought start is that Ren is talking about. Make sure you do head across to our website five interesting articles to your inbox every Monday. We've also got to get started investing email and the crypto email if either of those appealed to you. But our guys, it's been a great year. we'll pick it up next week. Sounds good.

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