Follow our journey with the Equity Mates hypothetical portfolio.

We’ve found that in investing, you learn best by doing. So we’re putting all of the lessons we’ve learnt over the past few years to the test in our Equity Mates hypothetical portfolio. Remember, we aren’t experts and nothing below should be taken as advice. Rather this portfolio is intended as a way for the Equity Mates community to share ideas and continue our journeys of learning to be better investors. 

Rules of the portfolio

Core Portfolio

The core portfolio is focused on long-term, broad-based funds that give us exposure to market average returns at the lowest possible cost. This is the ‘set and forget’ portion of the portfolio. 

Satellite Portfolio

The satellite portfolio is where we are willing to take a little bit more risk and pick individual stocks. While we will be investing with a philosophy of a long-term business owner, we may be more active buying and selling positions in this part of the portfolio.

Read about our stock picks

Citadel Group (ASX: CGL) – Listener Stock Pitch

For our latest stock pitch for the Equity Mates hypothetical portfolio, we had Ben D’Souza from the University of Western Australia’s Student Managed Investment Fund come on the show and pitch Citadel Group (ASX: CGL). Check out UWA SMIF’s deck on Citadel here and listen to the full podcast episode below. If you have an idea for the Equity Mates

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Company Analysis: Magellan Financial Group (ASX: MFG)

Date of Analysis: 24 August 2020 Key Metrics Market Cap $11.23b Share Price $61.61 52 Week Low $30.10 52 Week High $74.91 Revenue $692.5m Revenue CAGR(5 yr) 19.9% Net Profit $396.2 Profit CAGR(5 yr) 17.9% P/E Ratio (TTM) 28.2 Cash-to-Debt 25.3 Debt-to-Equity 0.02 Dividend Yield 3.5% Business Overview Magellan Financial Group is one of Australia’s best fund managers. Led by

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Company Analysis: McDonalds (NYSE: MCD)

Date of Analysis: 13 August 2020 Key Metrics Market Cap $153.3b Share Price $206.02 52 Week Low $124.23 52 Week High $221.02 Revenue $21.08b Revenue CAGR (5 yr) -5.14% Net Profit $6.03b Profit CAGR (5 yr) 4.84% P/E Ratio (TTM) 32.7 Current Ratio 0.91 Debt-to-Equity -5.49 Dividend Yield 2.38% Business Overview If there was ever a business that needed no

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Afterpay Update: 5 Big Questions from the Recent Merger

19/07/2017 Big news for our stock of the week pick Afterpay. As a quick refresher – Afterpay is an online payments company that partners with online retailers and allows shoppers to pay purchases off in instalments without incurring any interest payments. By way of an example –  want to buy a $1000 jacket? With Afterpay that jacket is now $250

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NDQ: NASDAQ 100 Exchange Traded Fund

19/07/2017 This was the only way we could end our tech-tacular! After all that talk about the big tech companies and some of the developments coming down the pipeline, we wanted to showcase a way to get exposure to the sector. This exchange-traded fund is a great way to invest in those trends. NDQ holds a basket of the 100

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BEAR: Australian Equities Bear Hedge Fund

11/06/2017 Purchase date: 9/05/2017 Price: $15.10 There has been an increasing number of news stories, professional opinions and commentary coming to light over the past couple of months warning of another potential market correction (a fall in the value of the market). The timing of this correction is still uncertain, but it made us think – what can we do

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EM Chat: Bold Predictions – Who Came Out On Top?

Well, we made it to the end of 2020! What a crazy year! When we did our bold predictions back in January, if you’d told us we would see the fastest crash and then the fastest recovery in history, we’d have laughed you out of the room. But here we are. In this episode, we go through our bold predictions

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EM Portfolio: Yearly Wrap For The Equity Mates Portfolio

It’s been 6 months since we launched the Equity Mates portfolio, so as we draw closer to the end of 2020 we wanted to review where it’s at. In this episode, we take a look at the core portfolio, its performance, and review the current ETF structure. We also go through the winners and losers of the satellite portfolio, discuss

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EM Portfolio: November Stock Pitches & Portfolio Update

It’s time for our November investment committee meeting, and what an episode we have. Once a month, we take everything we’ve learnt on the podcast and try and apply it to a hypothetical portfolio. Remember, we aren’t experts and we are not giving advice. We just wanted to have a bit of fun and make our journey of investing public.

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EM Portfolio: Stock Pitch – Salesforce (CRM)

It’s time for another investment committee meeting for the Equity Mates Hypothetical Portfolio. As we continue this learning experience of building out a hypothetical portfolio, we hear Bryce’s first stock pitch. Bryce has chosen one of the large software companies over in the States – Salesforce (CRM). For more information on the Equity Mates Hypothetical Portfolio – head to our Portfolio

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EM Portfolio: Listener Stock Pitch – Citadel Group

Building the hypothetical portfolio is as much about hearing ideas from the Equity Mates community as it is about our ideas. In this week’s episode, we welcome Ben, from University Of Western Australia Student Managed Investment Fund, for the first listener stock pitch! Ben and the team have spent time analysing Citadel Group Ltd (ASX: CGL), so we invited him

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EM Portfolio: First Investment Committee Meeting

It’s time for the first investment committee meeting for the Equity Mates Hypothetical Portfolio. As we continue this learning experience of building out a hypothetical portfolio, we hear the first stock pitch. To kick it off we discuss a stock that has performed particularly well over the past few years – Magellan Financial Group (ASX: MFG). For more information on

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