Don’t Work For The Company, Own The Company

Tuesday 9 February 2021

Here are 3 key concepts, 2 key resources, and 1 key action, to help you understand reporting season, and get you started investing.

Why do we invest?

  1. Investing in the stock market offers the opportunity to own companies that hire the smartest people, spend billions on research and development and manage global operations all with the aim of returning more money to their shareholders. Don’t miss out on that. 
  2. From the comfort of your bedroom, you can benefit from some of the greatest innovators of all time – Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, Bill Gate. They’re all changing the world. YOU can be a part of it AND make money.
  3. No one gets rich – like really rich – working for the company. Companies are built to earn more profit for their shareholders (you). As an owner, you are entitled to this profit. So, why work for the company, when you can own the best companies in the world?
  1. Check out Ark Invest – one of our favourite money managers in the world. They invest ‘solely in disruptive innovation’. They have ETFs available so you can get access to their portfolio.
  2. If you need further convincing that you should start investing NOW, read this Forbes article – ‘Why Owning Stocks Is The Single Best Way To Get Rich’

Not sure which company to invest in first? Perhaps think about an exchange traded fund that covers the biggest stocks in the US. One like this, or this.

Head to the Get Started Investing page to listen to the episode with more information on reporting season.

Community Call Out

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