Terrible time for new investory to get in?

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Tasman Baell

Hey guys,

I’m new to the world of investing and am soaking up as much knowledge as quickly as possible. It’s quite clear that it will take months (and ultimately years) to get a better idea for what is a wise investment, however I’d love to pick a company or two to get a better feel for it. I’ll be looking more into ETFs and Index investments soon.

Problem is that I’m getting mixed messages. On one hand, I’m being told not to try to time the market, and that it’s too easy to sit on the sidelines while everyone else is benefiting. On the other hand, it seems almost unanimous that the current bull run is going to come tumbling down soon.

Many commentators are happy telling investors to not panic and keep their money in the market, which makes sense to me given what I have understood about value investing so far. However, people seem quiet on whether putting new money into the market is a reasonable move at this stage.

I’m not asking for a market predication, I’m asking whether you would be jumping in on the tail end of this market cycle if you were new to the investing world.

Absolutely love the show,


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      Tasman Baell

      Yes! I was actually at the airport, in line to check-in for my flight to Russia when I heard my name and my question. Thought the response was great. Much appreciated guys.

      Also, I'm 98% sure you will already be all over this given what you've created with equity mates, but on the off chance you haven't heard of him check out the 'smart passive income' podcast/website with Pat Flyn. He has some phenomenal content related to creating a thriving business/service which seems very suited for you.

      One thought I had is that I know he made his mark in the crowded entrepreneurial-advice space by providing transparent income reports relating to his successes/failures for everyone to see which generated a lot of traffic for him. I remember hearing on one of the EM podcasts that you used to have a page showing how your money was allocated, but took it down over legal concerns. That makes perfect sense, but if you could find a way to protect yourselves and get something similar up on the website again I think it would be a hit with your audience.

      P.S. I'm a guy. I think Alec was a little unsure ;)


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    Katherine Galea

    Hi, I am also new and ready to start investing. I have the same question as last week the market was at a record high and I'm cautious as to whether I put any money in yet. Can you please tell me which episode you answered this question? As I have been listening to many of your podcasts (which are awesome) but would like to know which one this answer is in.

    Thanks :)