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Nick Quail

Hey guys. Love the podcast. A quick question id love for you both to explore: What exactly do you need to report to the ATO when doing your yearly tax return? What documentation do they need? Do you only need to report when you have bought/sold that fin year? Basically I’d just love some exploration on what tax implications shares have. You may have already covered it so please direct me to the podcast that already exists if so! Thanks again and keep up the grouse work. I look forward to the podcast every day.

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    Hey Nick,

    Thanks for getting in touch, great question. Apologies for the late reply, hoping the answer is still relevant to you now.

    Start with Episode 62. 'Talking All Things Tax Time" -

    We go over a few your questions there. If there is anything left unanswered from that, hit us up again and we'll answer them on the show! We're back on air with an 'Ask Us Anything' in mid-Jan. Can't wait!

    Thanks for your support, and have a great Christmas.