Tax effective investing in Australia

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Dion Marinkovich

Hi guys,

Have just started listening to equity mates podcast and think you do a great job with some fantastic guests. While I am still wading through lots of previous episodes, I am wondering if you have done anything around tax effective investing. What I mean is, I currently trade under a personal account, which is not exactly efficicent for tax in Australia. I am considering setting up a company (or trust) in which to trade but am not sure about costs to set this up plus annual, maintaining accurate accounts for tax etc… and accountant/finacial planner advice on this would be great (if it hasn’t been done already).

As an aside, I work in the pharamceutical industry and just listened to your podcast from last year on this subject. If you decide to do anything in future on this again, I would be more than happy to provide some guidance as there the traditional models in the industry have largely dissapated i.e. less pills and more biologics, precision/personalised medicine.

Dion Marinkovich

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    Hi Dion,

    We have done anything specifically on tax-effective investing, but I have just added it to our content plan as a topic to explore in an episode.