Should I Sell Shares in my current portfolio to Buy other shares Now which may be better / grow faster / be undervalued?!

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Patrick C

Hey guys – the question is quite simple and one I think many listeners may be asking.

We all know that it would be great to top up and add to our investments now and in the coming months due to the COVID impact on the market.

That said, if we DON’T have extra cash or dry powder to invest as many investors are advising, my question is:

Should I sell existing shares to then purchase other shares which may be undervalued or have better short-term growth potential?

My concerns are that I have FOMO and will also be rushing to make decisions.

Of course, I would also have to sell shares at a loss and some of them are companies I still want to own, but just don’t think they will grow quickly in the next 3-6 months like some other shares out there.

I heard you both had signed up for Nab Equity Builder – I am not too keen on borrowing, but it would be great if you could take 5 minutes to explain what that looks like?

E.g. If I have $50K in shares right now, how much could I borrow? No house, on mortgage, etc.

Thanks for your thoughts and the fun podcast. Episodes where you have guests discussing current stock picks are great / pitches are my favourite.