Shorting a stock & how/where to research companies

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Daniel Burston

Hey fellas,

I’m a social worker in the Newcastle area and have started my investment journey all thanks to you both! I’m really having fun with it.

I am very interested to know a bit more about shorting stocks? if I placed a buy for $10 to short a stock, what would happen if the price goes up? and what happens when a price goes down? Is this just a reverse of going long on a stock (is it that simple)?

Also I find myself wanting to know more about companies however don’t know where to start, other than looking at mainstream, which isn’t too helpful (at least that’s the message I’ve received from you guys and your guest speakers). I recall an episode where you responded to a listener and conducted research on an oil company and discovered that other companies (or countries) were buying large portions of shares etc etc and that a country or company was attempting to stop certain production (or something along those lines) and you hypothesized on why the stock had dropped significantly.

I was impressed that you’d done some really good research and found myself wondering how you’d done this? Where did you start or where do you usually go to source information? I feel as though If I knew where to look I would be doing better with my stock picks.

I know you’ve given a TON of info (I’ve listened to almost every episode you’ve released) and advice like looking at a companies reports at reporting season is helpful however I don’t really know what I’m looking for and i think this might be for the more trained investor!

Can you point me in the right direction in terms of reliable, trusted or accurate sources of information about companies, what things they are planning to do within their assets/investments/resources etc.

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    Hey Daniel - great questions. We answered the shorting aspect on the latest AUA episode -