Relevance of Buffetology and Growth investors advice

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Anthony Spencer

Hi Ren, Bryce and Equity Mates.

Firstly I love the show, the banter between you guys is great and the fact the mighty Lions finished higher than both the Swans and Bombers makes it just that much better listening back on old episode’s.

I recently went back and listened to the episodes on Buttetollogy and was wondering before I search it out how relevant are the concepts to today’s market considering it was written in 1997?

Also alot of books you recommend seem to detail how value investors go about picking stocks, are there any recommendations of resources that aid in finding growth stocks or how growth investors choose companies to invest in? For the value investor alot is based on past performance etc but for growth stocks which may be within a different stage of the development cycle it can often be quite hard to find some of the information suggested by value investors or the company may not meet the requirements but still be a great buy.

Keep up the great work guys!

Broome, Western Australia.