Recommendations for Financial Advisors

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Justin Lanz

Hey guys,

Love what you are doing.

My question is in relation to financial advisors. I live in Melbourne and would like to get serious about investing my money. I’m currently 100% in cash with a decent chunk in which I want to allocate to investing (money I can afford to lose).

Before diving straight into the world of investing, I was thinking of having a sit down with a professional who could advise me on a solid asset allocation strategy to help to start out with a well-balanced portfolio. I’m looking for someone who can give me upfront advice to get me started, then I would take control from there. Is this even a possibility?

I often hear you guys saying you are not professionals and not to take your word on strategies and/or stock tips. Therefore, who can we get this advice from? Do you have any recommendations of good advisors or good tips on what to look for when selecting an advisor and if you see value in what they can offer? Not sure if this has been already covered in a previous episode.

Any help would be appreciated.