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Jordan Murray

Hey guys. Jordan here 😎. Love your podcast and you make it really easy to understand as a beginner and also ask really thorough questions so keep it up.
My question for you is i hear the term portfolio which to my knowledge is the money that an individual has in the sharemarket, if you have money invested across many different platforms ie Van guard, Raiz (just for example) then is this considered your portfolio or does that mean you have a few portfolios? Also any tips to consolidate them to make it easier to manage because id imagine some people have money tied up in many avenues so how does one keep track? I probably butchered that so i hope it makes sense.
Cheers Lads

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    Hey Jordan,

    Great question -

    Generally your portfolio is the total of all of your investments across different platforms, and different assets types. Ie you can refer to you 'share portfolio, or your 'property portfolio' at an asset level, or you 'total portfolio' would be the collection of them all.

    There's no real need to consolidate them all if you're using the platforms for different things. A good way to track would be to use a service like Sharesight - https://www.sharesight.com/au/equitymates/