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Chris OBrien

Hi Mates,
I am loving the podcast and wanted to say thanks. I discovered you around Christmas-NYE just passed and have gone on the back catalogue journey (I used up my school hols, teacher, in getting up to speed) while taking up more jogging this year. I have several questions, which have built up over the months.

1) Why did you stop the model portfolio with your original ideas?
2) What do your portfolios look like now? Would you be happy to review? Did you make some purchases over the October to present dip (and rebuild)?
3) What do you have against Tim Ferris’s and his podcast? 😄 I am a long time listener of his and only recently have cut back due to all the new Aussie investment content I found.
4) Finally (for now), why is Top Trader only available to uni students? There has been no explanation or reason given. Shattered that I cannot build my portfolio through Stake on the journey that you and others are going on.

I am enjoying the current ASX Game round, hope you’re in too. Keep those shoes coming as well.

Cheers lads.
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    hahah some great questions there Chris! The portfolio is not dead, that's the good news! We answered your questions on our latest AUA podcast - https://equitymates.com/podcast/109/