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Jason McIntosh

Hi Alec & Bryce,

I’m new to your podcast. I found you via a radio ad a few weeks ago.

In a recent interview (with Danielle Ecuyer), Bryce noted a question you often get. He said that people often say they up or down 20%, and don’t know what to do. I may be able to help.

My name is Jason McIntosh. I got my start in the markets at Bankers Trust in 1991. And since 2000, I’ve been doing my own thing. Much of it as a trader and investor. I also run a subscription business that aims to help people develop their skills.

The mistake many people make is that they sell their profitable investments too early. While a quick fire 20% gain may feel good, its caps a stock’s upside potential. You’ll never get big double and triple digit gains if you’re always selling your best stocks. And it’s those big wins that typically drive performance.

Another common problem is holding losing investments too long. Rather than take a relatively small loss and move on, many people persist. They tell themselves that a loss isn’t real until they sell. But that’s not right. An investment is only worth what someone will pay for it today.

And that’s why so many people underperform… they take small profits and rake up large losses.

Successful investing often isn’t intuitive. Many people would be better off doing the opposite to what comes naturally.

While the markets are fascinating, they can also be intimidating. Simply understanding some key concepts could make a big difference. I believe my experiences may be interesting and helpful to your listeners.

You can find out more about me here: https://www.motiontrader.com.au/pages/snapshot-jason-mcintosh

I’d really enjoy discussing this with you further.

All the best,