Opinion on Raiz?

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Dean Dalby

Good day guys, firstly I want to praise you on the show! Keep up the good working the information provided is valuable and much appreciated.

I am wondering if you guys have heard and could provide your opinion of Raiz, previously Accorns https://www.raizinvest.com.au/.


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    Daniel Burston

    Hey Dean,

    I have started investing with Raiz as a 'savings account'.. I transfer money into it every fortnight (not very much though.. i'm not wealthy) and I also utilise the roundups feature which is fun.

    I've chosen the aggressive portfolio and so far have around $500 in there... the returns are nice (much better than an average savings acc from big banks) My highest return is about 14%, and the lowest is just over 9%.

    I don't use the Superannuation feature because I'm happy with my chosen provider.

    All in all i think Raiz is a good app and I enjoy putting my money in their hands for savings.