Managed Funds

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Evan Jones

Hey guys, love the podcast. Alec winding up Bryce with false statements is the best.
I have listened to most of the episodes so I’m sorry if my question has been covered somewhere and I have missed it.
When I started investing I was wondering why there wasn’t a leverage product out there that was like a P&I loan and sure enough I caught on a recent episode that there is such a thing from NAB. The Equity Builder and you guys are using it with an investment in Magellan Global Fund. I’m planning to be ready in the next year to apply for an Equity Builder loan myself and my question is, how did you settle on Magellan as you investment fund? Did you look at and eliminate other funds/managers or were you impressed enough by Hamish Douglass (as I am) and thats how you came to your decision? There are alot of funds and managers you can select from in the EB.