How to become recognised on the Market

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Hadyn Robertson


Love your show, as a 40yo, just getting into investing i find it a great resource.

Keep up the great work.

Was trolling through some of your earlier episodes, and was wondering if you were considering to reboot these now that you two have better recording studios and techniques available these days, and a greater understanding of the Market from a lessons learned aspect.

Ren – Why are you always so excited in every episode??

Guys lets get to the crux of it….. i am writing to you because i have recently stumbled across what looks to be a fantastic Growing company but seems to be overlooked by the market. I was just wondering if this sort of thing happens regularly, and that got me thinking about the mindset of investing/investors an the going with the crowd.. How do companies like the below get noticed, and is this any good anyway, or am i overlooking something….please see my post on strawman below.


Came across this company by accident, Virtus Health, it specialises in IVF, and other private “Day Hospital” appointments and soforth…. It has say 90% of its business in Australia, supported by Units in Ireland, Denmark and Singapore.

Its seems to have a really good balance sheet, it has a new management team and CEO (as of March 2020) – PE of 8.2. Cash Positive. Low P/BV. And a 7.8% Yield and is trading significantly below its Morningstar Fair Value.

Has a really informative website with detailed info on its Product and services, its Management, and its History.

Yet since its listing on the ASX in early 2000s it has steadily been falling….

Is this just a stock that everybody is missing?? Or is there another, better reason this is being overlooked… maybe the new management team and CEO have been brought on to change this….. ???


…and guys, i just bought a very small position in this, mainly for the high yield.

Thanks Guys.