Have you thought about investing in Hydrogen?

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Allan Harness

The hydrogen industry is an old one. 70 million tonnes of hydrogen are consumed annually every year but this volume is likely to become even greater as Europe, Japan & South Korea bank on this gas being a key component to decarbonising very difficult segments. Several countries, including Australia, have a Hydrogen road map which sets out the path to developing a hydrogen economy in that country.

Europe has committed to spending 430 Billion Euro over 10 years. Check out the report link below. Germany has already started with a 9 Billion Euro commitment and France with 7.4 Billion Euro. If you are interested in globally what is going on visit https://www.h2-view.com/


CSIRO have put Australia’s Hydrogen road map and there are several big projects already announced. WA leading the pack on this. A company called Infinite Blue Energy has a 300 Million dollar project just starting in WA and has also committed to a massive 2.7 Billion dollar in NSW (Project Neo) for manufacture of green hydrogen (hydrogen made from renewable energy). Check out this link for more. https://infiniteblueenergy.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/05/20.05.20-IBE-Media-release-NEO_Final-1.pdf Fortesque Metals Andrew Forrest is also very interested in this industry with the new buses for site recently being announced as fuel-cell (FC) buses (100 of from Hyzon Australia).

In regards to fuel cell equipment there are several new and old players. New are Nikola trucks who have a Class 8 semi that can go 1000km on a tank of hydrogen and they have committed to build a 700+ hydrogen refuelling station network in the USA with Nel ASA (93-year old hydrogen electrolyser company that is also a part owner of Nikola trucks. Iveco have picked up the rights to manufacture the Nikola Tre FC-truck in Europe and the same model is likely to be released in Australia, later. Bosch have also invested in Nikola, and are the FC manufacturer for the truck. Nikola’s listing on the US share market is also an interesting one as a reverse SPAc merger (probably a whole other topic for Equity Mates). Google the internet and you will find plenty about Nikola. Other FC equipment manufacturers who’s share prices have gone circus-berserkus include Ballard Power (FC manufacturer), Plug Power (FC-forklifts), ITM-Power (hydrogen electrolyser OEM).

Hydrogen can be used in several industry segments which is why Europe is especially excited. Hydrogen can be used for long-term storage of excess solar & wind energy. The hydrogen can be converted back to electricity or it can be injected into gas pipelines to decarbonise the gas industry. Hydrogen can be used to decarbonise steel. A Swedish company SSAB (Project HYBRIT) is already running a trial plant. Hydrogen is a key component of fertiliser (ammonia) and is how Australia is looking to export the hydrogen energy as it makes transporting easier than super-cooling the gas. The aviation industry is planning to use the gas to decarbonise this very difficult segment. There is already FC-powered planes. Check out Zer-Avia. Orkney Islands in Scotland is running the first certification trial in the UK in November this year for a small propellor plane. However, Zero-Avia claim in 3-4 years they will have developed the technology further to have 100-seater planes which is will cover a majority of the short haul flights. Boeing & CSIRO have put out a report on the opportunities for hydrogen.

Mobility is a big one especially in bus, truck and train, the medium-heavy use of diesel fuel. Germany already has hydrogen trains running (Alstrom manufactured the train – iCordia) UK and USA have placed orders. I have already mentioned Nikola for truck. In buses you have Hyzon Group, Ryse who are providing the FC-buses for https://www.H2-Bus.eu Project.

There is a lot of run-way left on this industry even though it is an old one. It has had a new shot in the arm as the cost of renewables have come down 80% in the last 10 years this has made hydrogen become a more viable solution and it is a gas that couples industries and will be the key to decarbonsing some very difficult segments.

Just saying, the hydrogen industry segment may be worth a look.


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