Ethical/sustainability ETFs

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Kasia Emmanuel

Hi Guys,

Great show, I’ve been enjoying your podcasts for the last few weeks and I wish you were recording new episodes more frequently. Entertaining as well as informative – thanks for that !

My question relates to ETFs – I’ve been looking to invest in one (this will be my first investment so I’m playing it safe), but I want to invest ethically. The most obvious ETFs like Betashares ETHI of FAIR still invest in banks and tech giants like Apple or Microsoft, and I definitely want to avoid banks – I’m not sure they should be included in “ethical” funds. Do you know of any ETFs – perhaps only focused on Renewable energy or clean tech – available on ASX ? Or perhaps individual companies in those two sectors worth investing in?



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    Hi Kasia,

    Thanks for reaching and out and for the lovely feedback. It's always so good to hear from our listeners.

    We've just recorded our Ask Us Anything episode, which we'll release over the next two episodes, with your answer. Apologies for the wait! In the meantime check out Morphic Ethical Investment Fund (ASX: MEC) - have a look at what the fund has for some ideas on individual companies.