Ethical superannuation investment strategy?

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Joe Baez

Hi Bryce and Alec.

I was very taken aback by one of your more recent podcasts regarding Ethical Investing (Is Sugar an Ethical Investment – Season 3 Episode 162) in particular your personal experiences with living in Broken Hill and it’s health impacts caused by mining.

Now keeping in mind the fact that I attended the recent Climate Action rally on September 20th, and felt like a hypocrite when I realised my current superannuation portfolio may be profiting from fossil fuel shares, I was looking at taking control of my superannuation keeping this ethical investment mentality you spoke of.

About three years ago I had a member of Commonwealth Financial Planning at my local CommBank hastily move me away from a retail superannuation package to a wholesale package in order to avoid me losing money by doing so (Hooraay!)

What I didn’t consider when signing my life away to this new super package was how this superannuation package rated in the way of ethical investment regarding coal mining and fossil fuels (Boo!)

Ethical investment and minimising my carbon footprint is a big deal for me, and I’ve taken the first step by emailing my Financial Planner for details regarding ethical investing with my current superannuation portfolio.

My question for you guys is, can you recommend an ethical superannuation investment strategy for a 40 year old male who wants to move his life savings into an ethical superfund?

Any help or online links to point me in the right direction would be most appreciated.

Kind regards,