Diversified ETFs- VDHG & DHHF

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JP Kanavos

Hi guys – wondering your opinion of diversified ETFs.

I currently hold 4-5 ETFs that cover varying regions and markets globally and recently found ‘all-in-one’ diversified etfs such as VDHG and DHHF. These ETFs encompass multiple other ETFs and offer superior diversification, often with a lower MER and less hassle of organising & re-weighting multiple other ETFs. I do have my reservations however.

Are these diversified ETFs a suitable replacement for holding multiple ETFs? I’ve found that my portfolio of ETFs closely resembles that created by the aforementioned products.

Additionally, do you lose some exposure to individual companies because VDHG and DHHF are so diversified? They each hold around 8,000 companies I believe.

Thank you guys and all the best!