Diversification using just Betashares and to be financially free

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Iris Kathuria


I’m a real beginner when it comes to investing in shares and find all the content overwhelming so I really appreciate your podcast. However for me, I am looking to invest like Brandon in one of your earlier episodes because I’m struggling to find the time and patience to read all the content that is out there and truly understand it. I only really want to be an ETF type passive investor.

I was hoping you can answer the following questions.

Betashares seem like such an easy way to get into the market. If your only portfolio (diversified by asset allocation) was through betashares is that enough of a diversification?

Say you have a retirement figure in mind or a figure of an annual income of what it takes to be financially free. How can you work out how much is required to invest into shares to potentially provide this return from the dividends? (Understanding that reinvesting the dividends will help reach that goal).

I hope that last question wasn’t too vague or confusing!