Buy now pay later sector

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Damien Allison

Hi guys. Love your podcast.
I’m just learning the ropes of share investing and your podcast is very easy to listen to and helpful.

Was just wondering if you could do an episode on the buy now pay later sector. Especially the American company ‘sezzle’ which is set to have it’s IPO on the asx in a few months.

I want to know your thoughts on this company and how you would invest in an IPO (I’ve never bought an IPO before)
Also rules around if you can sell shares you brought at IPO stage as soon as it hits the asx or if you have to wait a certain time before you sell.

I’ve had a bit of success lately in this sector, with doubling my small investment in afterpay and cashing out at $14.
Then buying zipco at $1 and I’m now up around 13k In holdings of zip.
I watched the splitit payments IPO sell for 20c and reach heights of $2. (I regretfully was too scared to buy this)
I believe with how hot this sector is atm sezzle will have initial success which is why I will buy the IPO If I can figure out how to do it.

Cheers guys